Lehigh County School Nurses Advisory Board

Mission Statement


The school Nurse Advisory Board is dedicated to serving and leading its constituent school districts to obtain the highest level of health and wellness among its students and employees.  Guided by current research, best practice guidelines, and the Pennsylvania Professional Nursing Law we will collaborate to prepare students and staff for lifelong health through education, professional advisement, and planned resource utilization.




School nurse representatives meet regularly to:


  1. Assess, plan, implement and evaluate continuing education opportunities for school nurses in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.
  2. Research common concerns and share gathered information with nurse colleagues.
  3. Provide a vehicle to share general school nurse concerns with district superintendents via a brief report at SAC meetings if necessary.
  4. Explore grants/funding for programs to benefit student/employee health or wellness.
  5. Facilitate sharing of ideas and strategies to improve school health services.
  6. Serve as advisory board to constituent school districts on health related issues

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